Accessing Your AOL FTP Space


  • CuteFTP® (All Versions)


I have FTP space available through my America Online (AOL) account.  How can I access it using CuteFTP?


Setup CuteFTP using the following settings.  Note that you must be logged into your AOL account at the same time.

  • FTP Host Address:
  • Login Name: anonymous
  • Password:

If you are new to CuteFTP, then follow these steps:

  1. Start CuteFTP.
  2. Press CTRL + J to start the Connection Wizard.
  3. On the first screen, type a descriptive label for your site.  If unsure what to use, just leave it at the default of My FTP Site.
  4. Click Next and type as the host address.
  5. Click Next
    • For the Username, type anonymous 
    • For the Password, type
  6. Click Next and then make any desired changes to the default local and remote folders.  If you are not familiar with these settings, then do not change them from the defaults.
  7. Click Next and then click Finish.

You will be connected to your AOL FTP site automatically and the site will be saved in the Site Manager using the name you selected in Step 3 above.  Next time, just open the Site Manager and double-click on the name of the site to connect.