Monitor event followed by offload triggering failure notification


  • EFT Server (all versions)
  • (In EFT Server v6, the Monitor Folder event is available in EFT Server Enterprise.)


Monitor event followed by offload triggering failure notification


When a Monitor Folder Event Rule is set up in EFT Server to MOVE a file over to a different location, after the file is moved, a Failure Notification event is sent, even though the file was moved successfully. This occurs only if you perform a MOVE operation, not a COPY operation, when Delete source file upon success is checked.

When a move operation occurs, another Folder Monitor event is triggered, because the folder was modified again (the file was removed). The Monitor Folder Event Rule then tries to move the file again, but it can't because the file was already deleted. Therefore, a failure notification is sent.

To avoid receiving a failure notification each time a file is moved, specify an "If file change does equal to added" Condition for the Monitor Folder event: so that the rule only monitors for additions to the folder. (If needed, you can create a separate rule to monitor for deletions from the folder.)

For more information about the Copy/Move Action, refer to Copy/Move (Push) File to Host Action.