Registration limit exceeded


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Error: Registration limit exceeded. Your serial number is being used on too many computers and has been disabled.


GlobalSCAPE's registration/activation server reports when your serial number is being used on more computers than what the license allows and when the serial number has been replaced with an upgrade serial number.

You may only use the software on that number of computers for which a license has been purchased.

A license may not be shared by alternating use on different computers.

We do not "de-license" the software.

  • If you were trying to install CuteFTP on a new computer, and no longer need to use CuteFTP on your old computer, refer to "Moving CuteFTP to a Different Computer" in the CuteFTP help.

  • If you want to continue to use CuteFTP on your old computer AND on the new computer, you will need to purchase another license.

  • For products other than CuteFTP, refer to the support links below.

If you have received this message in error, please visit GlobalSCAPE's technical support pages to submit a trouble ticket. If you need additional licenses, contact the sales team.

If you have questions about licensing, refer to the EULA for your product in the installation folder or help file.