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Web Transfer Client Licensing

Karla Marsh


  • EFT v7.3.2 to 7.4.1 -- requires license
  • EFT v7.4.2 and later -- HTTPS module includes unlimited WTC licenses

NOTE: In EFT v7.4.2 and later, unlimited WTC licenses are included—no WTC license or activation key is required, even if you are upgrading.
(Requires purchase of HTTPS module on EFT SMB/Express.)


In version 7.3.2 -7.4.1, use of the WTC requires the purchase of a license for each user. WTC licenses are defined across all Sites on EFT. The license count applies to all Sites, Settings Templates, and user accounts defined on EFT for whom the WTC is enabled. That total number has to be less than the WTC Client Access Licenses (CAL) purchased. That is, if 30 user accounts have WTC enabled, you must have purchased and activated at least 30 WTC licenses. If you have more users than licenses, all users will see a warning message when logging in. A best practice recommendation is to move users who don't need to use the WTC to a separate Settings Template and disable the use of the WTC on that Settings Template. 

License Status 

You can view the number of licenses purchased in the EFT administration interface (on the main menu, click Help > About) and on the Status tab.

When upgrading from an earlier version of EFT, your concurrent WTC licenses will automatically convert to CAL as follows:

  • 5 concurrent = 100 CAL

  • 10 concurrent = 500 CAL

  • 20 concurrent = 5,000 CAL

  • 50 concurrent = 25,000 CAL

  • 100 concurrent = 100,000 CAL

If needed, you can purchase unlimited CAL for a Site.

When the Site is stopped and restarted, the license count is not reset. If the warning banner appears, you need to:

  • Purchase more licenses

  • Move users to a Settings Template that has WTC disabled.

  • Disable WTC for specific user accounts.

  • Remove or disable user accounts that no longer need access.

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