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Common questions about the new DMZ Gateway version 3

Karla Marsh
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This article answers some common questions about the new DMZ Gateway version 3.

Note: We cannot answer specific support questions here. For customer/technical support questions, please visit the support pages at

Q1. What happens if I want to use DMZ Gateway v2 with EFT Server v6.2?

A1. First, understand that we provide NO official/formal support for running EFT Server v6.2 with DMZ Gateway v2. GlobalSCAPE only supports running DMZ Gateway v3 with EFT Server v6.2; however, there is no technical reason that would prevent EFT Server v6.2 from working with the prior DMZ Gateway version.

Q2. I have a single DMZ Gateway v2 server computer with a multi-Site license, and two EFT Server computers installed in a cluster configuration. How do I upgrade to DMZ Gateway v3 and EFT Server v6.2?

A2. You must first obtain a DMZ Gateway v3 multi-Site license that you will use on both nodes. Then:

  1. Upgrade to EFT Server 6.2 on each node of the cluster.
  2. Activate DMZ Gateway v3 using the same multi-Site license on each EFT Server 6.2 node. (Click Help > Activate DMZ Gateway Module.)
  3. Enable DMZ Gateway connectivity in EFT Server.
  4. Remove DMZ Gateway v2, and then install the new DMZ Gateway v3.

Remember that your license is limited to the number of Sites that you purchased. If you want to connect to more than one EFT Server Site, you need a multi-Site license for that number of Sites that you want to be active and connected to DMZ Gateway at the same time. EFT Server allows up to 15 DMZ Gateways to be enabled (one per EFT Server Site).

Q3. What happens if I apply a single-Site DMZ Gateway v3 license to EFT Server, yet I have more than one Site setup in EFT Server to connect to one or more Gateways?

A3. Only the first Site in the internal Site list will be allowed to connect. All other Sites will have DMZ Gateway disabled. You can optionally disable the first Site's DMZ Gateway and then enable a different Site's DMZ Gateway, but again, only one at a time can be enabled. You will need a DMZ Gateway v3 multi-Site license in order to enable more than one Site at a time.

Q4. What happens during the trial?

A4. You can connect to the DMZ Gateway as single or multi-Site during the trial--you will have full access. EFT Server can be activated while DMZ Gateway is still in trial mode. But once the trial has expired, you must activate DMZ Gateway, otherwise EFT Server will no longer connect to DMZ Gateway. If you had configured multiple Sites with DMZ Gateway enabled during the trial, and then activated DMZ Gateway with a single-Site license after the trial expires, DMZ Gateway will be enabled on only one of those Sites; all others will be disabled.

Q5. Are DMZ Gateway v2 customers eligible for a free upgrade to DMZ Gateway v3?

A5. Only customers with an active M&S contract for their DMZ Gateway are eligible for a free upgrade to a DMZ Gateway v3 license. 

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