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An error message appears when all of the licenses for the Web Transfer Client licenses are in use. Can I turn that off?

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  • EFT Server Web Transfer Client, v6.2.x and earlier (Does not apply to v6.3 and later.)


An error message appears when all of the licenses for the Web Transfer Client licenses are in use. Can I turn that off?


Use of the Web Transfer Client requires the purchase of a license. Session use is cookie based; any number of users can have access, but only the number specified by the license can log in to the client at the same time. If the license number is exceeded, the user is automatically directed to an upload form with the error message "There are not enough available concurrent licenses to open the web transfer client. Contact your Enhanced File Transfer Server administrator for more help."

The HTML page that is displayed references an "error" class attribute. If you do not want to show the error message, you can create or edit the referenced style sheet to hide the "error" class, as described in the procedure below.

To hide the error message on the HTML Listing and Upload Form

  1. On the EFT Server computer, create a text file using your favorite text editor.
  2. Type or paste the following text into the text file:
  3. .error {

    visibility: hidden;

    display: none;


  4. Name the file efthtmllisting.css and save the file in the EFTClient folder. By default, the path is:
  5. \Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\EFT\EFTClient

  6. Users will still see the HTML Listing and Upload form when the WTC licenses are all used, but the error message will not appear.


The style sheet, efthtmllisting.css, is the same one that you can create to change the default background, text, and so on. Refer to "HTML Listing and Upload Form" in the EFT Server online help for details of defining a custom form.)

If you already have defined a custom HTML form, simply add the above text to your code.

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