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Using the SQL Server Express database for both EFT and Mail Express evaluations

Karla Marsh
EFT Express (SMB) & Enterprise


  • EFT v6 and later
  • Auditing & Reporting Module
  • SQL Express 2008


To use the same SQL Server Express database for both EFT (ARM) and Mail Express in a trial demo environment, you will need to first install and configure the trial of EFT.The EFT installation includes SQL Server Express. When you install Mail Express, use the installer bundled with EFT.
  1. As part of the installation of EFT, configure and install the Auditing and Reporting Module, creating a new SQL database.
  2. After installing EFT, log into EFT administration interface and then click the server (LocalHost).
  3. On the Logs tab, copy the Database Host/Instance Name. You will need this for the Mail Express database configuration.
  4. Verify that Authentication is set to Windows.
  5. Initiate the installation for Mail Express and go through the prompts until you arrive at Choose Database Server.
  6. Click Use an Existing SQL Server Express then click Next.
  7. Click Create a New Database then click Next.
  8. Paste the Database Host from EFT into the field in Mail Express.
  9. Clear the Database Server port check box and select the Database Instance Name copied from EFT.
  10. Lastly, change authentication from SQL Server Authentication to Windows Authentication.
  11. Leave the Database Name untouched and select Windows authentication, then click Next.
  12. Provide the Windows domain account domain\name that has privileges to the server and file structure as an administrator, then click Install.

The installation will finish with both trials using the same installation of SQL Server Express.

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