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How many attachments can I add to an email that is to be managed by Mail Express?

Karla Marsh
Mail Express


  • Mail Express version 3.0 and later


How many attachments can I add to an email that is to be managed by Mail Express?


Mail Express will allow you to add up to 500 attachments to an email. (Add more than that and the Mail Express Add-In presents an error message.) For best practices, though, you should limit the number of attachments per email, zip the attachments together into one file, or divide up the attachments over multiple emails.

When you allow Mail Express to manage email attachments, emails remain in the Outbox until the Mail Express processing is complete and the attachments are completely uploaded. Normally, mail clients have a hard time managing large attachments and can often hang for a time while these files are attached. Using Mail Express’ own Attach File button, very large files can be attached to an email, reducing the time waiting for the mail client to become responsive again. When Mail Express manages an email, it uploads the attachments to the Mail Express Server, strips off the attachments, and inserts links into the email from which the recipient(s) can download the attachment(s). This process has the added benefit of end users not exceeding their email server's mailbox quota or attachment size limits, since the resulting email itself is normally quite small.

If you have added multiple attachments to an email and Outlook has timed out or hung, you can open the email in the Outlook Outbox, remove some of the attachments (or zip them into one file), then resend the email.

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