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What are the known issues in EFT v6 and earlier?

Karla Marsh
EFT Express (SMB) & Enterprise


  • EFT Server v6 and earlier

(Refer to the release notes for your version for known issues in that version.) 


What are the known issues in EFT Server?


  1. When upgrading to EFT Server v6.x from Secure FTP Server 3.x or EFT Server 5.x and you have a "Log on as" account assigned to the service, you will need to re-enter the "Log on as" account credentials for the newly installed EFT Server service before starting the service. There is a message on the last page of the wizard for this scenario. By default, the Start Service check box is cleared.

  2. If installing version 6.x over an older version, you will be offered the Upgrade option. If it is the same version, you will see Repair/Modify/New install screen. Repair replaces any file having a different date than those contained in the installer. Modify will install or remove the selected components and can be used to run the Auditing and Reporting configuration again. New install will install all files, overwriting any existing files.

  3. If you need to install MSSQL Express after you have already installed EFT Server and created a Site, choose Modify with all installed options and components selected (EFT Admin interface, EFT Server, and Auditing and Reporting). If you clear the check box of an installed component, that component will be removed. By selecting Modify, the existing Site will be preserved. Repair will not give you the same option.

  4. SAT v1.7 and later requires .NET 3.5 and works in Windows Vista and Windows 2008 with IE7. You will need to configure some settings in IIS 7 before installing .NET 3.5. Refer to the help topic BEFORE Installing the SAT Module on Windows Vista for details.

  5. SFTP keys created in EFT Server 5.2.x are not compatible with EFT Server 6.x. During an upgrade, the installer will warn you when an incompatible version is detected. When the upgrade is completed and an incompatible SFTP key is present, the Site will be stopped. You will need to create a new SFTP key before the Site can be started. Refer to the help topic Creating an SSH Key Pair for details.

  6. SSL certificates created in EFT 5.x will not work in EFT 6 FIPS mode, because they were originally created using MD5 as the signing algorithm. To create new SSL certificates, refer to the help topic Creating SSL Certificates.

  7. When downgrading to EFT Server 5 from EFT Server Enterprise 6, you must clear out the configuration key in the registry. EFT Server 5 will attempt to use the version 6 configuration if this is not cleared out before reinstalling version 5. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\Config)

  8. Upgrading from Secure FTP Server FIPS 3 to EFT Server 6 is presently not a supported upgrade path. Running the EFT Server 6 installer over the top of a FIPS installation will start a new installation.

  9. FIPS requires TLS mode. IE6 has TLS turned off by default. (In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. Scroll to the Security settings and select the Use TLS 1.0 check box.) TLS is turned on by default in IE7.

  10. FIPS SFTP is for inbound traffic only; FIPS SSL supports both inbound and outbound.

  11. When restoring a Site, duplicate Advance Workflow samples may be created. You can delete the duplicates, if necessary.

  12. When attempting to run a PCI report, EFT Server tries to launch it as a PDF on Windows Server 2008. You can download Adobe Reader from

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