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Ignore Active Directory Home Directories

Karla Marsh


  • EFT Server version 5.1.6 - 6.2.x


This registry key is used to allow EFT Server to ignore Active Directory (AD) home directories; that is, you do not want EFT Server to create virtual directories that point to the AD home directories.

Using this key, if you set the IgnoreADHomeDirs registry DWORD value to 1, when AD users log in to the Server, rather than EFT Server creating a virtual folder that links to the user's AD-defined folder, a folder is created under the EFT Server root directory using the user's login name, assuming you have selected the Automatically create a home folder for newly added users check box when you created the Site.

This value only affects a new Site. Before creating the AD Site, set the registry DWORD value, then restart the EFT Server service. You must specify an AD Group when you create the Site. If the Site is already created, you can specify the Group in the Authentication Options dialog box.

To activate this feature, create the following key:

On 32-bit systems:


On 64-bit systems:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 3.0\]


1 to enable, 0 (default) to disable

More information about this key:

Suppose you want to create home folders that follow a specific sequence other than the user's login name, such as user first name underscore last name, e.g. John_Smith. You would first set the IgnoreADHomeDirs registry value (so that the virtual folder pointers are not created), then after creating a Site and pulling in your AD users, you could use EFT Server's COM API to quickly scan and assign each user to a home folder using the naming convention/pattern desired. Of course, you would want to automate the script and run it regularly to query for newly added users that have not yet been assigned a home folder; otherwise, when they log in, they will be assigned the default folder based on their login name. If the Automatically create a home folder for newly added users check box is not selected, and a user attempts to login before you have assigned them a folder (either through COM or manually), the user will not be able to list or see any directories. Regularly running the script (or ensuring you manually create the folder every time a user is added) is critical.

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