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Internet Explorer Users' IP Addresses Rejected by EFT Server

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Internet Explorer users' IP addresses rejected by EFT Server


EFT Server allows you to grant access to one specific IP address or to a range of IP addresses, or to deny access to one specific address or range of addresses. EFT Server can control TCP/IP access at the Server, Site, or Settings Template level, or per user. By default, all IP addresses are granted access to EFT Server.

If the Ban IP address after excessive invalid commands check box is selected on the Site's Login Security Options dialog box, and a user triggers this action, their IP address will appear in the IP Access/Ban List dialog box. If the invalid commands were not malicious and you do not want to ban the IP address, you can remove it from the list by clicking it, then clicking Remove. If this is a frequent occurrence, you may want to increase the number of invalid attempts before banning the IP address or adjust the auto-ban sensitivity level.

Refer to the following topics in the help documentation for more information:

  • Flooding and Denial of Service Prevention
  • Disconnecting Users after a Defined Number of Invalid Commands
  • Controlling Access by IP Address (DMZ)
  • Controlling Access to the Site by IP Address
  • Controlling User Access by IP Address
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