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SFTPCOMInterface.dll must be the same version on EFT Server and the Secure Ad Hoc Transfer module

Karla Marsh

  • EFT Server (All versions)
  • Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (All versions)


It is very important that SAT has the same version of SFTPCOMInterface.dll used by the EFT Server to which SAT is connecting. Upgrading EFT Server might require also updating the SFTPCOMInterface.dll for the SAT module.

  • If EFT Server and SAT are on the same computer, then the upgrade process for EFT Server will register the new .dll on the computer and will be used by SAT; however, in this case the IIS service must be restarted. This is important so that ASP.NET (hosted by the "aspnet_wp.exe" process) will release any references to the existing COM object and reload the new one.
  • If EFT Server and SAT are on different computers, copy and paste the newer DLL to each computer.

Note: By default, SFTPCOMInterface.dll is stored in the EFT Server installation directory and in C:\Inetpub\EFTAdHoc\DLL for the SAT module.

To restart IIS

  1. Click Start, then click Run.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type iisreset, then press ENTER.

To reregister all DLLs on EFT Server

  1. In the EFT Server installation directory (by default, C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\EFT), double-click ReRegisterDLLS.bat.

    A command prompt appears and the batch file reregisters LDAPAuthenticationManager.dll, ODBCAuthenticationManager.dll, EASToolkit.dll, and SFTPCOMInterface.dll.

  2. Close the command prompt.
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