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Using CuteFTP with Norton Antivirus 2005 Internet Worm Protection

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CuteFTP can no longer access the Internet after installing Norton Antivirus 2005


Start Norton AntiVirus and add a new program rule to allow CuteFTP. 

To add a new program rule using the Add button, please follow these steps:

·          Start Norton AntiVirus. If Norton AntiVirus is installed as part of Norton SystemWorks or Norton Internet Security, then start that program.

·          Click Options. Click Norton AntiVirus if you see a menu.

·          On the left pane, select Internet Worm Protection.

·          On the right pane, click Program Control.

·          Click Add.

·          Locate the program executable for the program that is having the problem.
(i.e., cuteftp.exe)

·          At the next dialog box, from the dropdown menu, click Permit.

·          Click OK.

What Internet Worm Protection does:

Norton Internet Worm Protection is a firewall that protects your computer from incoming Internet traffic. If you have a program that receives data from the Internet, then by default, Internet Worm Protection blocks the incoming traffic, unless you create a rule to allow the program.

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