Using a Java API to administer Secure FTP Server or EFT Server


  • EFT Server
  • Secure FTP Server


If you use the Microsoft JVM, there is a "bridge" to get to COM objects, as long as you are on a Windows machine that has the SFTPCOMInterface DLL registered. The DLL should be on the same machine on which your JAVA code is running.

Another option is to generate a web Service that exposes all of the COM methods, such as Visual Studio.NET, and then exposing that web service to SOAP invocations by a Java client. This has the advantage of platform independence. The Java application can be run from any computer, provided, it has HTTP port 80 access to the web service computer.

Note: The web service computer must be a Windows computer since it must invoke the COM methods of the GlobalSCAPE server administrator. In this way the Java requests are proxied through the GlobalSCAPE COM object using the open standards of SOAP.

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